Ah, Valentine’s Day – the most dreaded of holidays. If your idea of romance is staying at home on the couch watching Netflix, we’ve got some gift ideas that might still win you brownie points. Here are 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you’ll wish you’d thought of (but you can still pretend you did):


1. Hand Over That Remote. Go on. Drop it.

Sharing the TV remote can be a challenge for even the most stable relationships. For a true act of love, gift wrap the remote and relinquish channel control for an evening. We dare you.


2. Subscribe, Queue: Legend.

Netflix, Stan: accessing all your favourite shows can be a costly endeavour. Indulge your TV and movie-loving Valentine with a subscription to a service they don’t have. (For bonus points, queue up their favourite shows ready to go. Legend!)


3. Dress Down, Eat Up

Fact: Movies + takeaways + PJs = key to a happy, long-lasting relationship. Treat your partner to a royal banquet delivered straight to your living room, complete with a well-stocked wine fridge. Don your royal robes, and you’ve got yourself a Gold Class experience where you can crunch through those Doritos as loud as you please.


4. Tag Team the Controller. Or Better Yet…Double Team It.

It may be hard to pry yourself away from that RPG, but your partner is bored, so you should probably do something about it. But hey, why not have your cake and eat it too with a game you can enjoy together? (If you’ve only got one controller, take turns. Sharing is caring.)


 5. A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Whether your loved one is a sports fanatic, gaming gun or Netflix obsessive, the Hisense ULED TV range cater for all. With a range of incredible features and 24” to 75” Hisense TV options available, there’s a size and price range to suit all.


What do you think ­– will your loved one like any of the above Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Let us know on social media at @HisenseAU.


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