Getting the kids up and ready for school can be tiresome at the best of times – let alone trying to organise healthy school lunches that kids will actually enjoy!


Take the stress out of lunch prep with our 8 top tips for acing the school lunchbox this year.


Tip #1:  Make It Balanced

A balanced diet is key to keeping your children happy, healthy and focused throughout the school day. Vegetable sticks with hummus, chopped up fruit and dried fruit are simple yet tasty options that the kids will be sure to love.


Tip #2. Freeze It

A great way to keep food cool in your child’s lunch box is to add a frozen water bottle or drink box. This not only keeps the food from spoiling but encourages your child to drink more, keeping them hydrated – especially important over the summer period. With 509L to 701L fridge options available with Hisense, you’ll never need to worry about not having enough freezer space.


Tip #3. Prep Is Best

Planning ahead is key! Cutting up snacks, making food and packing it the night before can help you avoid those rushed school mornings. The Hisense multi air flow system provides a constant temperature in all sections of the fridge, which keeps the food you’ve prepared fresher for longer (no more soggy carrots!).


Tip #4. Bake in Bulk

Baking for the week can save you time and money. For some great homemade muffins, quiches and more check out


Back to School Lunches Tips Muffins

Pictured: Baked goods are perfect for school lunch boxes any day of the week.


Tip #5. Don’t Forget About Leftovers

Sick of sandwiches (and the kids are too)? Leftovers can provide quick and simple lunch options. Next time you cook dinner simply make a little extra and pack in a microwave-safe container. No microwave at school? No problem! Grain salads with pasta or quinoa make great lunchbox options – no heating required.


Tip #6. Make It Fun

Adding a variety of colourful and fun shaped food into your child’s lunchbox is sure to spark some interest. Simply cut their foods into different shapes using a cookie cutter (this is perfect for sandwiches and fruit).


Tip #7. Get the Kids Involved

You could have the world’s healthiest lunch box, but if your child isn’t actually eating it, then you need to adjust your approach. By getting your child involved in the lunchbox prep, you can work together on a tasty and healthy lunch solution.


Tip #8. Fridge Organisation

Being prepared for school lunches all starts with your fridge organisation. Not happy with your current fridge? The Hisense refrigeration range offers adaptable shelving solutions and a third drawer that can be set as a fridge or freezer – so you can to stack the fridge the way that works best for you and your family.


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