What do you do next after an incredibly successfully run on Australia’s most beloved home reno’ show? Well, more renovations it seems.

We caught up with The Block winner Deanne Jolly about the Sorrento holiday home project that stole her heart, how she and partner Darren balance running a business with raising two daughters, plus quizzed her on style tips to brighten your home entertainment area.


 1. Tell us a little about the Sorrento project…

We fell in love with the beautiful Victorian bones of “Franklin” as soon as we saw her! We initially planned a big renovation and extension, but after staying there for a few weeks we realised the house was beautiful as it was and it just needed a makeover.

The house hadn’t been touched for 60 years so it needed new paint, opening up the kitchen to the living space, a new bathroom and kitchen, a defined living space and a connection to outside with a new deck. We did it all in 3 months and couldn’t be more proud of how we have brought Franklin back to life while still respecting her Victorian features.


Deanne and Darren’s bedroom in Franklin


2. How did you bring your entertainment areas to life?

The house lacked storage and shelving so I designed an entire wall of built-in cabinetry in the living room with the TV mounted in the centre. I wanted to create a space to display treasured pieces and books and to give the room a focal point.

Darren and I also love watching movies in bed so a TV in the bedroom is a must for us! Our Hisense TV sits neatly on a chest of drawers ready for movie night.

3. What’s your favourite feature of your Hisense TV?

We love how easy it is to switch to Netflix with the button on the remote and also how amazing the picture quality is.

4. Are you tempted to make Franklin your permanent home? What do the kids think of it?

We had the most beautiful summer at Franklin and it is tempting to move there permanently! We do love the feeling of escaping for weekends and holidays though, so for now it will remain our beach house. The girls love having the beach right on our front doorstep and inviting friends to come and stay for the weekend.


5.  What does family time look like for you?

Family time for us is either snuggled up on the couch watching movies together or out on our boat jumping off for a swim or fishing.


6. Who gets control of the TV remote?

We are pretty good at sharing our remote! If the girls want to watch something else, we send them into their rumpus room to watch it.


7. What are you binge-watching currently?

Lots of Netflix series’ – The Crown, Victoria, Suits, Ballers and Narcos.


Deanne Jolly Profile

Deanne’s custom-built TV cabinet is a focal point of the house.


8. What style tips would you give to people looking to freshen up their home entertainment area?

I think custom-built cabinetry is a great way to make a space look finished. The TV can be mounted which always looks better and there is the option of extra open shelving to style decor items and books.

9. In your own home, how do you balance style with practicality? (What’s the secret to kid-proof interior design?)

Again, built in cabinetry creates storage to put things away out of sight and to highlight the items you want to display.


10. What’s next for you and Darren?

We are working on a number of clients’ homes while looking for our next project. Watch this space!


Read more about Deanne Jolly’s Sorrento home renovation in the April issue of Inside Outon sale now.