It’s been years in the making, with mountains of research and hard work going into bringing it to fruition, but the Hisense ULED XD is finally set to launch in 2020.

This highly anticipated release will see Hisense introduce revolutionary Dual Cell™ Technology, which is set to rival the OLED TVs currently on the market.


Doubling up for perfect picture quality

The defining feature of the Hisense ULED XD TV is its patented Dual Cell™ screen – which unlike a traditional LED TV features two precision-bonded LCD panels that control brightness more precisely than ever before, making blacks appear darker and colours more vivid.

The first screen operates a greyscale layer that controls luminance, while the second layer controls colour. Essentially the greyscale layer sits behind the colour layer and effectively blocks light from pixels that need to be to be darker, creating more than 2 million dimming zones.

It’s a highly innovative piece of design that’s built to last long and offer customers an excellent alternative to OLED TVs. With incredibly impressive display, it sets a new standard for LED TVs and is unparalleled by existing models on the market. We can’t wait for Hisense customers to enjoy it.


The ultimate TV for home entertainment

Whether you’re a gamer, a movie buff, or a serial series binger, the Hisense ULED XD is as versatile as a TV can be. Hisense’s patented Hi-View Engine image processing technology creates extraordinarily crisp, clear image quality, suitable for an entire range of viewing experiences.

With Depth Enhancer, Sports Mode, and Game Mode, you can switch between settings and totally immerse yourself in what’s on screen for the best viewing experience possible. But it’s not all just about picture quality, the built-in Dolby Atmos® Audio features impressive power and sound to complement what’s on-screen and make everything come to life.


Sleek, stylish modern design

When it comes to finding the perfect partner, smarts and good looks usually top the list of requirements. And it’s no different when looking for the perfect TV. Luckily, the Hisense ULED XD boasts design appeal that is equally as sophisticated as the technology on offer. If you’re an interior design junkie living in a style-conscious home, it’s a perfect mixture of form, function and style.

With a folded aluminium stand, crisp metallic finish, and floating edge screen, it makes for a show-stopping addition to any contemporary living room. The TV is designed to fit seamlessly into modern life, with an AI-powered operating system and Bluetooth connectivity that makes enjoying entertainment as easy as can be.


The Hisense ULED XD is guaranteed to be a game-changer. We’re super excited about the upcoming release. More information on pricing and availability will be coming early in 2020.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled for updates across our social channels.