After an exciting release of our 2018 ULED 4K TV range in April – we’ve been receiving rave reviews from Australian consumers and tech experts alike, all across Australia.

The 2018 ULED range showcases the latest innovations in premium LED TV technology including Quantum Dot, HDR Supreme with 2500-nit Peak Brightness as well some exciting new picture quality enhancements.

You can read all about our 2018 ULED range here and see why it’s our most impressive range ever.

Read on to see what everyone’s been saying about the 2018 ULED 4K range:

Tech Guide Australia

Hisense review Stephen Fenech

Stephen Fenech (Tech Guide Australia) looks tiny against our Series 8 75” TV.

When we think of tech experts, we instantly think of Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide Australia. We sent a brand new Series 8 75” ULED TV to Stephen’s home and we couldn’t be happier with his response:


Here’s what Stephen Fenech had to say

The Hisense TV Series 8 4K UHD TV is beautifully minimal – it is virtually bezel-less with a thicker silver bottom edge.

Today we know you’re not taking a chance buying a Hisense – you’re investing in a high-quality product that just happens to be cheaper than its major competitors.

The Hisense 75-inch Series 8 ULED 4K UHD TV (75P8) is a stunning television that provides a brilliant viewing experience whether you’re watching sport, movies or playing games. It is loaded with technology and smarts and provides plenty of bang for your buck.

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EFTM Online

Trevor Long Hisense review

Trevor Long (EFTM Online) customising his home bar icons for easy access

Trevor Long, technology commentator at EFTM Online, gives us a detailed and honest review of the Series 9 75” – “Go Big or Go Home” – and we couldn’t agree with him more.


Here’s what Trevor said…

It’s remarkable – That Hisense have been able to minimise that bleed to such a small space is fantastic. It’s not OLED like – by any single stretch, but it’s bloody fantastic.

RemoteNow – this app is phenomenal – it gives me access to all my inputs, apps, channels, volume, a keyboard, mouse – whatever you need.

It’s a very fine balancing act, but for $5505 it’s bloody compelling.

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The guys over at GadgetGuy gave our Series 9 65” a go and they rated the panel a “close to a ten-out-of-ten”! – We’re pretty chuffed with that one!


GadgetGuy’s take – Hisense makes sense

The Series 9 is as good as it gets for a Quantum Dot, full backlit LED-based TV.

Frankly, they (TV specifications) are as good as any other premium set – there are no deal breakers.

Harman Kardon tuned speakers almost eliminate the need in larger rooms for a separate soundbar.

The uniformity of local dimming: Perfect.

Gadget Guy Hisense Review

Gadget Guy‘s overall ratings of the Series 9 65” ULED 4K TV

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Dying to get your hands on the 2018 ULED 4K TV range? The range is available at all major electronic retailers across Australia. Find your local retailer here.