As technology becomes smarter, so does the way we approach our health and fitness. From smartwatches and fitness trackers to amazing medical devices, the health industry is becoming more advanced, improving the lives of people everywhere.

In celebration of World Health Day (April 7th), we’re looking at some of the coolest new innovations in health tech. Read on for 5 health tech innovations making waves right now.


1. AliceCor Kardia Band

We’ve all heard of Apple Watch and Fitbit – but what about the Kardia band? This medical-grade EKG (electrocardiogram) technology is a strap that connects to your Apple Watch that can monitor your heart rate, pick up vital signs of heart-related problems and record the data directly to your iPhone via the Kardia app (you can even send it to your GP).

Health win: 

We think this one’s a win because, for people with cardiovascular issues, this little device could save their life.


FireFly device

The Firefly device activates your body’s own neuromuscular system. Image: Recovery FireFly


 2. FireFly

Fitness lovers will be well-familiar with the agony of climbing a flight of stairs with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a workout. Enter FireFly – a device worn behind the knee that stimulates blood circulation and helps accelerate recovery after exercise and even minor injuries.

Health Win:

By accelerating recovery, the Firefly means you’re able to train as regularly as you like, helping you reach your fitness goals faster.


3. Black Box VR

If you’re someone that dreads going to the gym then this next innovation might be the motivation you’ve been looking for. Black Box VR, the first virtual reality gym experience, combines video games with fitness. Jump into a virtual world and compete against an avatar while getting a killer workout – win-win.

Health Win:

Although we predict Australia may not see a Black Box gym anytime soon, it’s great to see a fitness innovation that caters to our screen-heavy 21st-century lifestyles.


4. Hybrid Closed-loop Insulin Delivery System

For those living with diabetes, the constant need to draw blood can be a painful process, but the new Hybrid Closed-loop Insulin Delivery System will save patients up to four pricks per day. Named the ‘world’s first artificial pancreas’, this system works by sending direct communication between the CGM and the insulin pump, providing peace of mind for the patient during the night.

Health Win:

Seeing how far diabetes management has come, it’s exciting to see what’s next for patients worldwide.


Cambridge Medical Hisense World Health Day

Google may soon be entering the medical industry with surgical robotics. Image: Cambridge Medical Robotics via The Economist.


5. Google’s first Surgical Robot System

Robot technology is making its way into the surgical theatre and we’re not surprised Google is the company behind this latest innovation. Along with Johnson&Johnson, Google is creating their very own surgical robot, putting their hat in the ring against the existing da Vinci Surgical Robot. The concept uses a 3D high-definition vision system to conduct surgical procedures with instruments that bend and rotate in ways that the human hand simply cannot.

Health Win:

Robots will surely make life-threatening surgery less susceptible to human error, but the question is – would you trust a robot to do a surgeon’s job? (Will the surgeons have to say Hey Google?)


What do you think of these innovations? Did we miss one that you’re excited about? Let us know on social media @HisenseAU.

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