Renovating or moving is the perfect time to indulge in a new Hisense 695L Glass French Door fridge, with its elegant styling that demands less floor space for opening. Staying put? The practicality, extra space and multiple cooling zones are all the excuses you’ll need.

With the kitchen as the focus of the modern family home, space has never been at more of a premium. From needing the clear people out of the way to open the door to fitting in party-ready platters, the fridge doesn’t always keep up.

Thankfully, some manufacturers have been paying attention. The Hisense French Door 695L refrigerator splits the door down the middle, so every opening takes up half the space. Four luxurious glass-finish doors – available to suit light and dark colour schemes – open to reveal shelves wide enough for even your biggest dinner-party prep and a range of clever features that will make your life easier every day.

White Glass French Door Fridge

A sleek design coupled with sophisticated engineering makes the Hisense French Door 695L Fridge a standout piece.

The French Door 695L includes triple zone cooling, so you can dial your temperatures up or down for each specific section – no more frostbitten lettuce or fruit! It’s all easily controlled through the fridge’s multi-function touch control panel.

Hisense has engineered the 695L so you get the perfect balance of form and function within a sophisticated, eco-friendly and minimalist design. And it’s practical, too. You can wipe clean the glass-fronted doors, and a six-drawer freezer means easy access to everything, so you can quickly check on staples before your next shop.

Open doors to new fridge technology 

Flexible temperature settings give you unparalleled control. Set jellies for the kids, mousse for a dinner party, or layered cocktails for a girl’s night in. You’re guaranteed success – and fresher everyday produce. Just change the settings to fit your needs using the touch panel.

The multi air flow system ensures consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment of the refrigerator, while interior LED lighting makes it easy to find your missing jar of relish hiding at the back, and reduces heat and energy use.

White Glass Hisense Fridge

This fridge features the newest cooling technologies.

The French Door 695L relies on twin cooling technology. In the fridge section, easy-control temperature and humidity means you can keep your steaks chilled and dry: ready to cook to perfection. In the freezer, this means genuinely frost-free technology. Say goodbye to scraping ice forever.

For even greater control over the temperature settings, the ’My Fresh Choice‘ touch control option found in the customisable fourth drawer allows you to choose three settings. Select deep freeze (-18C) for fast freezing (think the ice-cream centres for bombe Alaska and fried ice-cream) and long storage, medium freeze (-12C) for energy saving in a freezer where goods are used up quickly — it’ll keep your ice-cream easy to scoop, too, or light freeze (-5C) for perfect semifreddo and other soft dinner party treats.

With a three-star energy rating, all the impressive technological capabilities of the French Door 695L come without a hefty environmental impact.

Style inside and out 

One delightful aspect of a glass door fridge is that it is easy to keep it looking fabulous. While enamel fridges are prone to scratches and stains, and metal fridges require special cleaning products, all your glass door fridge needs is a quick wipe of glass cleaner and it will continue to look elegant for many years to come. 
This means your glass door fridge will look impressive on the outside, while the inside is functional, bright and easy to clean. 

Interior of Hisense Glass Door Fridge

The Hisense French Door 695L fridge.

You can shift the shelving to accommodate cakes and canapés one week, and your regular grocery shop the next. Use the French doors to channel the kids towards healthy choices in easy grabbing range. Or just indulge your taste for fruit conserves gleaming in jewel-like rows.

The Hisense French Door 695L refrigerator is available now from $2,999 from Australia’s leading national electronics retailers including Appliances Online, Bing Lee, Retravision, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys BSR, MYER, Radio Rentals and RT Edwards.

Read more about the Hisense French Door 695L refrigerator here.

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