Whether you’re after a comedy or a captivating drama, your streaming service this month won’t disappoint. Grab your favourite snack and let’s jump into it with our top 5 picks coming to you in March.

After Life, Season One

Ricky Gervais stars in the brand new dark comedy series, After Life, hitting Netflix March 8th. Gervais plays Tony, a recently widowed husband who, through his depression, decides to stay and do whatever he likes – which leads to hilarious, albeit uncomfortable situations.

Check out the trailer below:

Release date: March 8

Rating: MA 15+

Find it on: Netflix


Hereditary. Prepare to be freaked out. Credit: variety.com


This one is for those who love a good scary movie – Hereditary follows a family haunted by an evil spirit after the death of their secretive grandmother. Aussie actress Toni Collette is outstanding in this role and it’s fair to say you’ll be sleeping with the light on after watching this one  – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Release date: March 5

Rating: MA

Find it on: Netflix


Looking for a good laugh? Amy Schumer can help with that. Credit: Bustle

Amy Schumer Growing

Funny lady Amy Schumer is back with her latest stand up comedy show – bringing you endless lols. Check it out on March 19 on Netflix.

Release date: March 19

Rating: M

Find it on: Netflix


Solo: A Star Wars Story

Punch it, Chewy! The side story adventures of Han & Chewy have finally made it to living room screens. Now available to stream on Foxtel. Check out the trailer below.. Check out the trailer below:

Release Date: March 3

Rating: PG

Find it on: Foxtel


The original and the best – Jurassic Park Trilogy. Credit: AAR

Jurassic Park Trilogy

It’s been 25 years since the first Jurassic Park hit cinemas – feel old yet? Netflix is doing us all a solid and bringing back the entire original trilogy.

Release Date: March 1

Rating: M

Find it on: Netflix


The OA, Part 2

And finally, sci-fi lovers rejoice for the OA, part 2 is back. After almost three years since season 1 appeared on Netflix, we’ve been left confused and asking “where is part 2 of The OA?”. Well, the wait is over, check out the intriguing yet confusing trailer below:

Release Date: March 22

Rating: M

Find it on: Netflix


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