October has just landed and the last of the cold nights are on their way out as the days heat up and summer slides ever closer.

Some of you may even be choosing to do ‘Sober October’, so what better way to avoid the temptation of nights out then by fuelling great nights in with fabulous new TV shows.

Here at Hisense, we’re excited for what October has to offer. With that in mind, here’s our top picks for TV shows and movies released this month.

Godfather of Harlem, Season 1 (Available on Stan)

Set in the 1960s and starring Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, this epic crime drama tells the tale of one of New York’s most feared crime bosses, Bumpy Johnson. After serving a 10-year prison sentence, Bumpy is released and returns to the old neighbourhood that he once ruled and finds it controlled by the Italian mob. The action follows Bumpy’s mission to regain control from a fearsome Genovese crime family. In the process, Bumpy forms an alliance with the radical preacher Malcom X. The story also charts the rise of Malcom X and documents the social turmoil of the time and all the ensuing violence that threatens to tear the city apart.


RuPaul’s Drag Race UK  (Available on Stan)

It was only a matter of time before a UK version of RuPaul’s smash hit TV show hit the screens. Everything is as you would expect and follows the winning formula of the US version of the show, but with a few British twists thrown in for good measure. All the usuals are guaranteed, from high heels to even higher hair, as 10 British drag queens battle it out to become the queen of the runway. To add to the hilarity, RuPaul is also joined by two of the UK’s best-loved funny men, Alan Carr and Graham Norton, who both feature as rotating judges.


El Camino: A breaking Bad Movie (Available on Netflix)

The final moments of Breaking Bad are unforgettable as Jesse Pinkman speeds away in a Chevrolet El Camino, laughing and crying hysterically, his face wild-looking, all bruised and battered. He barely made it out alive, and now Aaron Paul’s most famous character returns. Having escaped captivity, Jesse Pinkman is now on the run and wanted for his involvement in the firefight that ended the television series and left nine victims dead, including the infamous Walter White. In this movie, we follow Jesse wandering the streets, highways, and the dirt roads, always looking over his shoulder. Watch it for yourself to find out what happens.


Big Mouth, Season 3 (Available on Netflix)

Everyone’s favourite animated adult comedy is back. Season 3 of Big Mouth returns with more puberty inspired gags, this time focusing on growing up hormonal in the digital age. Season 3 sees Ali Wong join the cast as a new seventh-grader. Meanwhile, there are also some fabulous cameos to look forward to as cast members of Queer Eye make guest appearances. It’s guaranteed hilarity.


Peaky Blinders, Season 5 (Available on Netflix)

Birmingham’s most dapper rogues return for a fifth instalment of the hit gangster drama. This series sees the Shelby family confronted with the 1929 stock market crash. When financial disaster strikes, the family are forced to take stock. As head of the family, Tommy deals with more threats to his power from both younger members of the family, as well as a party of fascists vying to get into government.


Image source: © Epix