What’s in my fridge? Well, the results are in and Canstar Blue has discovered what Aussies really keep in their fridges – and what they think about the different fridge brands.

According to a recent survey from Canstar Blue, the contents of the humble Aussie fridge have a few differences from state to state. Could someone guess your home state by simply having a look in your fridge?

What do the contents of the average Aussie fridge look like? Well, one in four will have a pre-packaged meal, 77% will have leftovers and 89% will have a bottle of milk. But according to Canstar Blue there is some surprising state-by-state variation on what we keep in the fridge.

Fact 1: New South Wales is the place for seafood

Sydneysiders go ga-ga for a little fruits de mer and so does a lot of New South Wales, it seems. Forty-four percent of fridges in NSW will have fish or seafood in them, which is a higher than the national average. However only 25% of NSW fridges have medicine in them — maybe all that fresh seafood is healthy?

Fact 2: Queenslanders like their herbs very fresh

Victoria might be the garden state, but looks like Queensland is the home of the herb garden as only 23% of households keep herbs in the fridge. Is it a case of cutting them fresh from the backyard, or just fans of simple tastes? You’ll have to score an invite to a Brissie dinner table to find out.

Fact 3: South Australia could save the dairy industry

Dairy farmers should be keeping a close eye on what’s going on in South Australia: 94% of households have butter or marge in the fridge and 95% have milk — both up from national averages. But yoghurt makers be warned: while 76% of the country has a tub or two on ice, only 73% of South Australian fridges do — apparently not big fans of dairy culture.

Fact 4: Victorians are juice crazy

If you’re after a glass of juice, make sure you’re in Victoria where 62% of fridges will have what you need. But don’t get too excited for a piece of toast afterwards: it’s the state where you’re least likely to find bread and spreads in the fridge.

Fact 5: Western Australia loves a cold choccy biscuit

Ever heard of the Freemantle Doctor? That’s what Western Australians call the afternoon sea breeze that blows in during the summer months and takes the edge of the heat. I guess you could say it’s the last doctor that’s guaranteed to make a house call. It seems that Perth likes to hedge its bets a little: 61% of households in WA have chocolate or biscuits in the fridge, the most of any state. A cool break when the cool breeze doesn’t pay off?

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