If you’ve been thinking about buying a new dryer, then look no further than the new Hisense range. 

Dryers are the ultimate modern convenience, ideal for families and large households with high volumes of washing. They’re also really useful for those living in smaller units or apartments, where space is limited for hanging washing out to dry naturally. 

At Hisense, we know that every household is different, that’s why we offer condenser tumble dryers, as well as heat pump dryers. The new Hisense range also offers reduced drying times for superior energy efficiency.  

The New Era of Dryers

In recent years, old-style vented tumble dryers have been replaced by heat pump dryers and condenser dryers, both of which feature new, more sophisticated technology. These newer dryers are now more effective and efficient, with technology that makes them easier and more convenient to install than older dryers. 

Which Dryer Is Right for You?

Both condenser and heat pump tumble dryers are freestanding and can be easily installed and relocated into any room of the house. They are different from old-school vented dryers, which need to be placed next to a wall or window so they can push hot, wet air outside. Old vented dryers are also more expensive to run, which is why it’s worth considering upgrading your old dryer. 

Condenser Dryers

Condenser dryers are a great affordable option for budget-conscious homes, as they are less expensive and don’t require external venting, which saves money on installation costs. Condenser dryers are also portable, which makes them ideal for people who might be renting and planning on moving. They can be placed in any room in the house and then moved again quickly and easily. The Hisense 8kg Condenser Dryer is super simple to use, with an intuitive user interface and dial that makes everything as easy as possible. 

Heat Pump Dryers

The initial cost of a heat pump dryer is higher, however, they are cheaper to run than condenser models and save you money with every drying cycle. This is because the heat pump reheats air at minimal cost compared to traditional electric heating methods. Because the Hisense 8kg Heat Pump Dryer operates at lower temperatures, it is more friendly to your clothes than a standard dryer, which means clothes suffer significantly less shrinkage.

Special Features of the 8kg Condenser Dryer

Gentle Dry

The Hisense Condenser Dryer’s snowflake-shaped drum design provides enhanced protection for your clothes during the drying cycle. 

Air Fresh

The Hisense Air Fresh features allows you to freshen and air fabrics without using water. 

Special Features of the 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

Twin Air Injection

Hisense’s unique TwinAIR injection system optimises air flow in dryers, which makes drying time shorter and prevents laundry from twisting and bundling. 

Ion Tech

Hisense’s Ion Tech helps to reduce unpleasant smells during the drying process and has an anti-crease effect which makes it easier to iron clothes after drying.

Wave Active Drum

The Wave Active Drum allows for easy loading of laundry and provides extra protection when drying clothes, making sure they don’t get snagged or damaged.