Looking to upgrade your TV? With so many brands citing impressive-sounding features, it can be hard to cut through the noise and work out exactly what you should be looking for.

In this article, we unpack one of the key features in our 2018 ULED range: Prime Array Backlight, available on our flagship Series 9 range.

In a quest to produce the best possible picture quality, we’ve introduced an exciting new technology, Prime Array Backlight with 1000+ Dimming Zones,* exclusively available on the Series 9 ULED TV.

What is Prime Array Backlight? Put simply, it’s an advanced backlight system consisting of unique algorithms that control specific sections of the LED lights on your TV. These algorithms help to create dynamic contrast between blacks and whites on your TV and make the picture look much more lifelike.

You may have heard the phrases “Full Array Dimming” or “Local Dimming” thrown around – these are just other ways of describing how a backlight algorithm works. The 75” Series 9 ULED TV has over 1,000 Prime Array Dimming Zones, which allows incredibly specific control over the contrast on your TV.


Read on for a breakdown of the Prime Array Backlight technology:


The ultra-dense LED structure on the Series 9 ULED 4K TV



The ultra-dense LED structure within the Series 9 reduces light diffusion and that annoying flare effect or ‘light bleed’ that conventional LED TV’s can have. Together with the local dimming algorithm in place, they provide a superior picture, where the colours are vibrant and the blacks are pure and dark. This LED structure is also highly power-efficient, which means your power bill stays low – a big consideration for many TV buyers.


HDR Supreme 2500-nit Peaking Brightness algorithm

Amazing picture with HDR Supreme 2500-nit Peak Brightness algorithm



Our patented HDR Supreme 2500-nit Peak Brightness algorithm maximises the brightness range and improves the overall contrast, at least two times over a traditional LED TV. This means whiter whites, blacker blacks and stunningly vibrant colours. Filmmakers have a vision of amazing picture quality and with the Series 9, we bring their vision into your home. You’ll be captivated; we wear this one proudly!


Precision Brightness 4096-grade

Experience a broader range of brightness, 4096-grade brightness



Ever watched a scary movie only to find it impossible to see what’s happening during those tense dark scenes? Enter our precision brightness process – this feature opens up an extremely precise range of brightness, 4096 layers of brightness to be exact vs 256 on a conventional TV. By expanding the brightness to reveal hidden detail on your screen (think of it as ‘brightness upscaling’), now there’s no need to manually calibrate the brightness of your TV – we have movie night sorted!


Hisense 2018 ULED TV patented Backlight Scanning algorithm

Our patented Backlight Scanning algorithm completely eliminates the look of motion trail



Motion blur can turn a thrilling adventure film or your favourite sporting event into a blurry mess, but with our patented Backlight Scanning algorithm, this is a thing of the past. The advanced algorithm works based on an understanding of how our eyes see motion in TV (known as our Human Visual System). Basically, this reduces motion blur and lag so that your favourite fight scene is seen extremely smooth and clear. What makes this technology even more exciting is that it achieves Smooth Motion Rate 200. The combination completely eliminates the look of motion trail, so for those sports fans, you can enjoy every game and the fast movements will appear clear as crystal. Say goodbye to the blur!


Now that we’re uncovered the intricate details and benefits of this amazing new technology, all you need to do is experience it for yourself. With Prime Array Backlight, 1000+ Dimming Zones*, Quantum Dot Technology, UHD Premium Certification and premier sound design, the Series 9 is as good as it gets.


Grab your very own Official Television of the 2018 FIFA World Cup – the 2018 ULED 4K range is available at all major electronic retailers across Australia. Find your local retailer here.


Hisense ULED TVs utilise LCD screens with LED backlighting.*The 65P9 utilises 700 Dimming Zones