The new FIFA game is out and once again, it’s impressing everyone – players and observers alike. Heck, even if you don’t like playing FIFA but like football, it can be great to watch other people having a match. EA’s FIFA Goals of the Month competition is a particular highlight.

The new FIFA game has some serious enhancements which make things not only look more realistic but feel more realistic when playing it. A subtle, but very effective, touch is that now transitions into new animations update every frame instead of every step. Consequently, player motion looks smoother, is more realistic and executing commands is more responsive.

What is the Best TV for FIFA?

The best TV for FIFA has a large screen size and a 4K resolution. That way you can see when a goal keeper is off his line and when your (and your opponents’) strikers are making runs. You can also see all of the players, their formation and the whole pitch at once.

Does FIFA need a TV or gaming monitor?

When it comes to first person shooters at a professional level, competitors will demand specially-made monitors which cut out all image processing and deliver video at speeds that require the ocular perception of a fly. At the super-niche, professional level, competitors in live, FIFA tournaments will face off with each other using similar set-ups but we scoured the forums to find the view of mainstream and competitive players.

It turns out that FIFA is far more forgiving than many genres of video game and playing on a TV, whether on your own or with a friend, is not just more fun and immersive but can provide a competitive edge: tracking an opposing striker’s run or lobbing a stranded keeper who’s strayed too far from their line become easier. But simply martialing your defensive line can make the biggest difference

A large screen also means that you can identify players more easily – not just because the player design (including how they move) makes more of a difference than ever before but simply seeing numbers of distant players on the far side of the pitch becomes that much easier.

Is a 4K TV better for FIFA?

FIFA can be played at a 4K resolution on the PS4 and Xbox One. Compared with Full HD, detail is dramatically enhanced and is especially noticeable during close-ups and crowd shots. As such the game looks better and that makes it more immersive and fun. Some in-game goal celebration and arguing-with-the-referee sequences can be very hard to distinguish from live action. There are even some slight graphical improvements as you move up from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro but they’re less dramatic.

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The best settings for FIFA

The main benefit, however, is simply being able to see all of your players, in formation at once without having to look at the radar (which you can turn off). For this, it is recommended to not use the close-to-the-action Default Camera setting and zoom out as far as possible. This means going to Game Settings | Camera and changing Single Player Camera, Multiplayer Camera and Locked to Player Camera to Co-op. Other potentially-useful settings include setting Camera Zoom to less-than 3 and Height to 15 or higher.


#HisenseHack: Turn your TV to PC/Game Mode to optimise your TV’s response time.

How to set up your TV for games

While FIFA is playable for most people using the standard Picture Modes these days, if you want to ensure the fastest response time, it’s worth choosing PC/Game Mode. This removes image processing which can add a few milliseconds of lag to your controller command inputs. It also ramps up the brightness and sound can change too.


Discover how to calibrate your TV to get the best picture quality

Which TV should I buy for FIFA?

Hisense makes TVs to cater for all FIFA players. The Series 7 ULED TVs go all the way up to 75-inches meaning that players can literally look larger than life in your living room.

Tight for space? The 55-inch Series 7 is Choice recommended and will deliver similarly amazing results.

If you fancy adding some design flourishes to your TV then check out the Series 8 ULED TVs but if you want the very Best TV for FIFA it’s got to be the Hisense Series 9 TV with Quantum Dot technology. This 75-inch beast delivers stunning colours and best-in class brightness (especially useful for a bright Aussie home) and will make both the FIFA video game and the 2018 FIFA World Cup look absolutely stunning in your living room.

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