Do you have a new Hisense Smart TV which displays the term ‘VIDAA U’ when you start it up? Have you seen or heard people discuss VIDAA U running on a TV and how it enables all kinds of cool features? Confused? Below we describe, what is VIDAA U? But first…

What is a Smart TV’s Operating System?

A TV’s Operating System is the software that makes the TV’s hardware work. It arrives pre-installed on your TV as fixed software (called Firmware). You can also check your TV firmware is up to date just by pressing a few buttons in the Settings.

Firmware doesn’t just tell your TV how to start up and display content, it also lets you install Apps (like on a phone) which enables you to access new features and content streams. The ability to install apps and connect to the internet is what turns a regular TV into a Smart TV.

What is VIDAA U?

VIDAA U is the name of the Operating System used on the latest Hisense TVs. It is designed to make interacting with your Hisense TV faster and more responsive while adding exciting new features and enabling internet connectivity.

What does VIDAA U look like?

VIDAA U is a horizontal scrolling list of icons which let you quickly and easily access various features of your Hisense Smart TV. At a basic level this can mean choosing a channel or accessing Settings, however it can be customised to include your favourite apps and shortcuts.

VIDAA U is a ribbon-like list of Smart TV apps

How do you use VIDAA U?

VIDAA U is simple to use thanks to the Hisense remote. It can be accessed by pressing the Home button and then navigation revolves around the directional and OK buttons.

How do you customise VIDAA U?

If there are some apps and shortcuts that you use more (or less) than others, you can customise what VIDAA U looks like. To do this, simply scroll to the right of the icons and choose, Edit. Next, choose the icon you want to move by scrolling left or right to find it. Then press up to highlight it before scrolling left or right to reposition it elsewhere (by pressing Down). If you want to add a channel or an App to the main list, simply press Down to select what you want. If you get into a mess and put the wrong apps in the wrong place, simply press reset.

The Netflix and YouTube buttons on your remote bypass menus all together and launch these apps instantly!   

VIDAA U is available on Hisense Series 6, 7, 8 & 9 TVs. Shop the range today.