2019 is looking to be a big year for us here at Hisense, with the addition of some exciting and new Smart TV offerings to the 2019 ULED TV range. Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January, we’ll be showcasing our 2019 TV range, headlined by the unveiling of VIDAA U3.0 AI with advanced home integration.


CES 2019 brings together lovers of technology and consumer electronics to explore the latest products that are either concept or due to be released. This huge event stretches across 250,000 square metres and is the largest tech event of its kind in the world.


What we’re introducing with the Smart TV OS VIDAA U3.0 AI


Artificial intelligence takes centre-stage with the next evolution of Hisense’s in-house smart TV OS, VIDAA U3.0 AI, supported by the RemoteNOW smartphone App with full integration of Amazon Alexa and compatibility with Google Home Assistant.


Australia is a nation of early-adopters – we’re tech-savvy and are always looking for ways to improve connectivity in the home, especially in the living room,” said Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.


With this in mind, innovation, performance and user experience continue to be key priorities for us as we move into 2019. Our new smart TV operating system, VIDAA U3.0 AI, and the continued development of the RemoteNOW smartphone App are a testament to this and will feature the latest advancements in AI technology, including integration with multiple leading smart assistant platforms,” he added.  


With customers in mind, the newly developed VIDAA U3.0 AI offers enhanced connectivity and faster boot times. We’ve made some cool updates that we know you’ll love, including the integration of your favourite apps to the home screen. The interface will now show Netflix content recommendations from the home screen, without having to launch the actual app. We’ve also added the ‘Smartsense’ hub which displays real-time weather and notification updates, as well as a ‘Discover’ feature that recommends trending apps for you to download. Everything can be accessed and customised on the home page.


An exciting and highly requested update to the Hisense App store is the inclusion of the popular streaming app, Amazon Prime Video for our 2019 ULED TV range. You spoke and we listened – now you’ll have access to a greater assortment of apps in 2019.


In addition, the new 2019 ULED TV range with VIDAA U3.0 AI will come with full integration of Amazon Alexa.* Amazon Alexa built in and voice control combability with the Google Assistant, means you needn’t lift a finger to control functions on the TV such as Volume, Input, Channel, Power and so much more. Whether you have an Amazon Echo or a Google Home compatible device, VIDAA U3.0  AI has got you covered.**


If you’re a fan of our RemoteNow app, then you’ll love the new VIDAA U3.0  AI even more –  we’ve made some enhancements to the functionality of the app which means you can control all your home’s smart devices with the integration of Alexa Voice Commands.*


Android TV is coming, and here is what you should know


Are you an avid Android user? Well, we’ve got some exciting news you for. Introducing the Android TV Series, a brand new addition to our 2019 TV line-up.


“Android fans will also be excited to hear we will be introducing an Android TV to the Australian market providing Australian consumers more choice while Hisense expands it Smart Assistant platform offering,” said Iannuzzi.


What makes our Android TV so smart is that it has Chromecast and Google Assistant built into its core giving customers an all in one entertainment hub.


With all of these exciting releases coming in 2019, be sure to stay tuned on our social channels as we bring you updates straight from CES 2019 from January 6 – 11. Follow us here and be the first to hear about what’s coming in 2019.


*Amazon Video Gear will be available on launch, while Amazon Voice Services will become available in H2 2019.

**A Google Home device is required